Explore a new alien world with your boat.

Ortus is a 3D exploration-driven puzzler developed for PC using Maya and Unity. Solve puzzles using plant DNA in order to leave a massive water cave system and uncover what happened to the species that used to live there. Navigate the cave using your boat but also by foot. If you want to be immersed in an atmospheric environment whilst uncovering the lost knowledge of an alien race in a puzzler this is the game for you.


  • George-Gabriel Rentia – 3D Artist
  • Elian Rowan Morgana – 3D Artist
  • Caroline Johansson – Concept Artist
  • Dominykas Jecius – UI & Concept Artist
  • Ivan Kholod – Programmer
  • Teemu Laiho – Programmer
  • Mingxiao Jiang – Programmer
  • Irma Andersson – Project Manager & Artist
  • Jonathan Persson – Project Manager & Level Designer
  • Leo Wognum – Music