Adventures in Space and Slime

Adventures in Space and Slime is an open world, 3d platformer that engages players through exploration and creative puzzle solving.

You play as a trio of slimes who have suffered a teleporter accident and have been stranded in a perilous alien world.

Using combinations of each of the three characters’ special abilities and attributes, you must find and collect the scattered remains of your teleporter in your quest to return home!

The player overcomes challenges in the game world by swapping out which of the three characters they currently control, and recalling the others to the character currently being controlled, in order to make use of each of the slimes’ special abilities.

The game is created in Unity 5.4.3, coded in MSVS13, with assets created in Maya and 3DSMax.


  • Producer & Programmer: Dee Majek
  • Lead Designer: Pontus Hassis
  • Lead Programmer: Simon Lundgren
  • Lead Artist: Joakim W. Andersson
  • Programmer: Stefan Ekdahl
  • Artist: Markus Holm