Avarice is a 4 player horror game where you fight each other over an antidote that will save your life. The game is played out in a fictive ghost town, inspired by the old English countryside.

All the characters have been poisoned. In order to survive, you need to find the ingredients and mix an antidote. But there’s one problem, there’s only enough antidote components to cure one of you. As the poison starts to corrupt your mind, you determine that you have to gather these components for yourself if you are to survive – taking them from the dead hands of your opponents, if that should be necessary.


  • Producer / Programmer: Niklas Borglund
  • Lead Programmer: Jakob Hillerström
  • Programmer: Casper Henriksson
  • Lead Design / Graphical Artist: Petter Gillman
  • Lead Graphical Artist: Johnny Wretlind
  • Sound from Gotland School of Music Composition:
    • Pontus Granström, Joakim Jalhed, Sol Andersso, Mathias Lissmyr

Website: http://www.5kcoconuts.com/