Be the Bear

Be The Bear lets you experience life as a Grizzly bear in its natural habitat.

Witness beautiful landscapes in search for your next meal, while experience adrenaline filled fights with wolves, and other bears, in an never ending struggle to survive.

Be the Bear is a first-person bear simulator with its focus on immersion – a free roaming exploration game where you move through the wilderness in search of food fighting off other animals and starvation.

Be the Bear on the Gotland Game Conference 2014 show floor


  • Tom Hedberg – Producer/Lead Designer
  • Linus Johansson – Lead Programmer
  • Jesper Leveau – Programmer
  • Gustaf Nerström – Lead Graphical artist/3D Art
  • Johan Hjern – Animator
  • Oskar Lilja – Environmental Artist

Be the Bear is developed in Unity3D and uses an Xbox 360 controller as input device.