Causality is a action RPG fantasy game with dimension swapping, where you fight monsters with the focus on the combat system. The player will experience Causality from a third person perspective in 3D. Our main aesthetic will be challenging game play. The dimension swapping mechanic will be a way for the player to heal up, it will be a bar which recharges slowly over time and depletes while in use. The player will stay in the same place when switching dimension, the difference will be in the graphics and sound.

Made in Unity, with 3DS Max, Motion Builder, Photoshop, Motive, Substance Painter 2.


  • Joni Nikander – Producer
  • Stefan Strandberg – Lead Art
  • Robin Berneby – Lead Programmer
  • Axel Eriksson – Lead Design
  • Christoffer Lövdahl – Gameplay Programmer
  • Niklas Ericsson – Artist