CritterFlux is a game developed for android devices. Your journey begins with the discovery of a curious egg. With some tender loving care, time and warmth, it will eventually hatch into your very own little monster! Feed it, play with it, entertain it, exercise it and even pamper it as you see fit. Like every responsible pet guardian, it’s upto you to mold and shape the new young creature and educate it in the ways of critterhood. Once your critter is ready and old enough, bring it with you outside into the real world in search of food and accessories to further enhance your new friend.


  • Producer – Peter Camerini
  • Lead Design – Ida Andersson Junkka
  • Lead Artist – Jasmina Softic
  • Lead Programmer – Christoffer TornstrĂ¥le
  • Lead Sound – Viktor Nordgren
  • Artist – Ida Andersson Junkka
  • Programmer – Viktor Nordgren, Peter Camerini