Grave Call

Grave Call is a conditional time-based, asymmetrical multiplayer game based on the communication between two players, one is buried alive and the other one is a police Dispatcher. A phone holds clues for the coffin’s location, which has to be identified before the phone battery runs out. Made with Unity.

Awards: Grave Call won the Innovation Award at Gotland Game Conference 2017 and was one of twenty games from around to the world to be selected for alt.ctl.GDC 2018. Check out their pre-GDC interview over on Gamasutra: Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Grave Call


  • Producer: Chiara Lorusso
  • Lead Designer: Mikael Mellros
  • Lead Programmer: Steven Kolankowski
  • Programmer: Leo Jansson
  • Lead Sound: Robin Gerndt
  • Lead Tech: Mohamad Saleh
  • Lead Art: Julia Eklund Granstedt

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