Era of the Paw

Era of the Paw is a 3D co-op adventure game featuring cute animals and vicious beasts. A dark warlock has escaped his imprisonment and is turning the island’s animals into beasts. Your job is to beat the crap out of them, so they turn back, and put the warlock where he belongs.

The game features pickupable armors and weapons, 1-4 player co-op and a new weapon-weilding system.

You and your friends each control a cat with a weapon.
Wield swords by sweeping the right thumbstick.
Focus your magic to make bigger explosions.
Steer your arrows into the mark.
Fight for your right to live!


  • Producer – Marcus “Spinn” Bildtgård
  • Lead Designer – Thomas Hertz Orre
  • Lead Programmer – Axel Wettervik
  • Programmer – Mikael Hedenström
  • Programmer – Mattias Edlund
  • Programmer & QA – Jonatan Ekström
  • Art Director – Marcus Särefjord
  • Lead Artist – Filip Svensson

Tools: Unity, Mudbox, 3Ds Max