The Propagandist

The Propagandist is a competitive arena game where two players fight each other in a 1930s dieselpunk inspired New York. They will persuade crowds of people to get them to follow, and use them in order to fight and achieve victory!


  • Joel Sjömark – Producer
  • Daniel Gustafsson – Lead Designer
  • Yossra El Said – Lead Artist
  • Johannes Häggqvist – Lead Programmer
  • Bjarne Lundqwist – Programmer
  • Johan Törnlund – Animator
  • Adrian Wirén – Level Designer & 2D/3D Artist
  • Jonathan Göthlund – 3D Artist
  • Felicia Boman – 2D/3D Artist
  • Kim Aava – User Interface Designer & 2D Artist
  • Laura Sipilä – Cinematic Artist

3Ds Max