Illume is a side-scrolling 3d puzzle platformer where objects only appear when you shine some light upon them. You never fight the world – you create, change and heal it.

Immerse in an atmospheric journey through emptiness, use light to solve puzzles and turn dead and cold darkness into a charming world full of whimsical groves and magnificent gardens.

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Illume won Best Art Design at the Gotland Game Conference 2023.


Alisa Kontorovic – Product Owner, Designer, Technical Artist, 3D Artist;
Brian Barikhan – Producer, Scrum Master, Level Designer;
Tereza Palmonová – 3D Artist, Concept Artist, Video Editor;
Hedda Borg Rundqvist – QA, Sound Designer, Composer;
Sebastian Norderäng – Programmer;
Yu Yongqin – Programmer;
Daniel Mardunovich – Programmer.