Kato is an adventure game set in a small village, where you play as the dog Kato. You take it upon yourself to help the villagers with their troubles. Help your neighbours come together and help each other to build a better tomorrow with creative dog solutions.

Kato on <a href="http://gotlandgameconference.com/2018/">the Gotland Game Conference 2018</a> show floor.
Kato on the Gotland Game Conference 2018 show floor.

Kim Ohlsson – Scrum Master & Writer
Leon Andersson – Systems Programmer
Julia Eklund Granstedt – 3D Artist & Animator
Jonathan Nitzan Andersson – Technical & Environment Artist
Arvid Edström – Gameplay programmer & Level Designer
Ludvig Baummann Olsson – Game Designer & Scripter
Elin Tvinne Flyg – Concept & 3D Artist
Julia Siljebo – Music Composer
Kato is a casual, lighthearted, 3rd person adventure game developed for PC in Unreal using Photoshop, MotionBuilder, SourceTree, 3DStudioMax, Substance Painter and MudBox.

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