Project Toyworld

Take on the role of a young boy as he journeys through the creative worlds he forms in his mind: don the knight armor and defeat the evil king, put on the hat (you know which one I’m talking about) and explore ancient ruins in search of lost treasures, fly through space with a jetpack and battle mutant aliens.

When a child’s imagination is the limit, there’s no telling where he’ll go next.


  • Karl Ljungberg – Producer,
  • Andreas Bergqvist – Lead Artist,
  • Anton Yxfeldt – Lead Programmer,
  • Alexander Eriksson – Level Designer,
  • Emil Ekeroth – 3D Art,
  • Marcus Christensen – Animator,
  • Emma Dickmark – Art,
  • Elise Fogelström – Art,
  • Johan Sjöström – Programmer,
  • Tobias Widsell Ehnfors – CGA Animator,
  • Emil Prosner – Composer

Unreal Engine