Set in a post-apocalyptic version of Italy where a world-wide chemical warfare disaster has left the earth covered in a thick poisonous fog, the player takes flight as a fearless mercenary pilot venturing between the now colonized mountain tops far above the deadly smog below in search for adventure and fortune.

The arcade style controls give rise to fast-paced and explosive aerial combat that is balanced by serene exploration in a dangerous yet beautiful world. Take off and experience the freedom and unpredictability of Provincia.

Platform: PC, built in Unity.


  • Kentaro Hayashida: Programmer
  • Teodor Huldt: Musician and Sound Designer
  • Isaac Olander: Environment and Texture Artist
  • Felix Rahm: 3D and Concept Artist
  • Alexander Sinn: VFX Artist
  • Léo Smith: Sound Designer
  • Hangning Zhang: Programmer