Runway Rumble

Runway Rumble is a local 2 versus 2 multiplayer game that takes place in an airport, you are in control of cars that work to service planes so they can take off while trying to contain the chaos.

Service planes before they leave again. Do this by picking the right vehicle for the service they need. To service the planes you need to collect the resources the plane requires and shoot them at the plane. Use these tools to best the chaos at the airport and ensure enjoyable travels to all passengers more effectively then the other team roaming the tarmac.

The game is developed for PC using the Unity engine, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Motion Builder, FL Studio, and FMOD.


  • Petra Aderlund – Art
  • David Åström – Design, Sound
  • Mattias Borgqvist – Art
  • Elias Faltin – Producer, Sound
  • Mikael Ferroukhi – Art
  • Fredrik Henriksen Lövlie – Code
  • Jan Plähn – Code