Strig & Kabu

Strig & Kabu is a co-op exploration puzzle-lite game focused on the themes of personal growth, trust, and cooperation. It features a relaxed atmosphere and a unique hand painted art style.

You play as Strig & Kabu, grandpa and grandson, delving into the forest in search of mushrooms for Strig’s alchemical concoctions, you will uncover the mystery behind the fog that clouds the forest, and only by helping each other will you find a way forward through the mystical and nature-themed puzzles.

Developed over the course of 8 weeks in Unreal Engine 4 with Autodesk Maya, Substance Designer, 3DCoat, Adobe Photoshop and Visual Studio.


  • Roberto Marcos Söderström – 3D Art & Level Design
  • Samantha Baqués Velásquez – 2D/3D Art
  • Natali Arvidsson – 2D/3D Art
  • Fredrik Lindsten – Programming
  • Jesper Backman – Programming
  • Carl Hvarfvenius Blomgren – Level Design & Social Media
  • Michael Degirmen – Management & Sound