ZambaZooka!’ is a competitive multiplayer arena battle ‘explode ’em up’ where you go up against your friends in a frantic intergalactic fiesta of explosive action! Armed with bazookas, your goal is to blow up your opponents as many times as you can!
‘ZambaZooka!’ was developed using Unity, with code made in Visual Studio, and art assets made in Adobe Photoshop. Original Music composed in FL Studio.


  • Mauricio Singh Martinez – Product Owner, Music, Level Designer
  • Anna Wuolo – Scrum Master, Project Manager, Hardware Lead
  • Jari Hanski – Lead Programmer
  • Oscar Svan – UI Programmer/Designer, VFX Designer, SFX Designer, Marketing
  • Amanda Backlund – Graphics, Marketing
  • Frida Grahn – Graphics