The Slappening

The Slappening is a 3D, single player platformer game for PC. Play as a kid trying to escape the school after being traumatized from being slapped after a haircut. Roll around and spit your way through the halls, and avoid the hands at all costs. Discover the handy cast and their quirks as you fight for your neck.

Nominated for Swedish Game Awards 2021, Game of the Year & Best Art Direction. Winner of Gotland Game Conference 2021 Public Choice Award.


  • Christian Le Roux: 3D environment and graphics, level design
  • Desislava Atanasova: 3D environment and graphics, level design
  • Eskil Ettehag: Engineering , programming, level design
  • Jad Tawbi: Programming, level design, QA
  • Leo Wognum: 3D environment and graphics, animation, music & sound design, level design
  • Peter Mathiesen: 3D environment and graphics, level design
  • Sarah NorĂ©n: Producer, UI designer, level design, QA
  • Theo Flejmer: GGC responsible, QA lead, UI programmer, design