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Clapper started out as a first year project in 2012. A prototype of the game was created during the Theme Park course, also known as the best course available at Uppsala university. After graduating the team used their prototype to acquire funding, leading to the creation of Bridgeside Interactive. After one year of development heaven the fully realized game is now available on the iPad!

What is Clapper?

  • Clapper is a 2 player cooperative rhythm and clap game.
  • The game is most easily visualized as a mix between digital rhythm games and traditional hand clapping games.
  • Clapper has a unique input method that make use of the camera to distinguish between 5 different types of claps.
  • For instance Clapper can distinguish between straight or diagonal claps, or claps being performed with both hands at the same time.
  • Clapper is aimed towards children, parents, grandparents and music teachers and is currently being developed for the iPad.


  • Unique clap input! – The game can distinguish between five different claps!
  • 2 player co-op! – Work together with a friend to clear songs!
  • Custom music! – Irresistibly clappy music!
  • Beautiful game world! – Explore the Jungle while unlocking new songs!
  • Four difficulty levels! – Suitable to first time players and seasoned rhythm game veterans alike!

=== the original 2012 student project follows ===

Clapper is a rhythm and clap-game for kids, ages 5-8. The game plays as cross between music and rhythm video-games and traditional hand-clapping games.“Clapper” is a 2 player game where the players work together to finish a level.

Instead of plastic instruments the game is played with “The Clapper Gloves”.

Clapper won Best 1st Year Game at the Gotland Game Conference 2012.


  • Lee Kåberg – Producer, artist
  • Daniel Polgar – Lead design, artist
  • Niklas Hansson – Lead code, lead input device
  • Josefine Fahlström – Coder
  • Heidi Öster – Coder
  • Peder Beijnoff Bergström – Artist

The game is built in XNA 4.0 and we is use a particle engine called Mercury. Graphics is be produced in Photoshop. The sound for the game is be made by an friend of the group outside the school.

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