Death Row

Death Row is a game about rowing for your life and for your treasure. In the game two players cooperate to control a pirate battle ship by rowing. The goal of the game is to make it to a treasure stash island, so that the players treasure can be hidden from their enemies. Along the way to the island, the players will have the opportunity to acquire more treasure and run the risk of losing part of their treasure. Throughout the players journey they are being chased by various hostile ships or sea monsters who will try to sink the players ship. The players will have to fight in order to defend their treasure and make it to the end. Can you and your companion make it to treasure stash island with all the treasure, or will your ship sink and your treasure be lost to the depths of the sea?

Death Row at the Gotland Game Conference 2017

The game is made using Unity.


  • Oskar Svärd: Producer
  • Ludvig Baummann Olsson: Lead Design/Tech
  • Rebecka Näsberg: Lead Art
  • Christofer Matsson: Lead Code
  • Jakub Wolfram: Lead Sound
  • Nicholas Lo: Graphics
  • Mikaela Åhrlin: Graphics