Galactic Smugglers INC

A three player co-op game. Where communication between the players are key to successes. A game where you and your friends are the crew of a smuggling ship. Where you have to navigate through space and avoid obstacles like federation cops, asteroids, black holes and pirates to deliver your cargo to your customers.
You play with three different stations controlling the ship; Helm to control speed and steering, Nav to scan areas ahead of the ship to better plan out your route, and Power to control the placement of the shield for the ship but also how much power all the stations have to work with.

Tools used to build the game: Unity, Photoshop, Blender, Audacity, Elias, Adobe Premiere, Microsoft Visual Studio


  • Fredrik Nilsson – Producer,
  • Joel Ahlgren – Design,
  • Erik Wallin – Coding,
  • Sebastian Wallin – Coding,
  • André Tingvall – Art,
  • Harry Nordenfors – Art,
  • Niklas Lehmkuhl – Tech