Elefightor: Going Up!

Elefightor: Going Up! Is a competitive fighting game in which you take control of an elevator going to the top floor of a very tall building. Your rival is controlling another elevator, and will try to stop you at all cost, only one can get the tip and be the best operator! Fight by bumping into each other and using all sort of cartoon-inspired attacks!

Download and play Elefightor on itch.io.

Roberto Marcos Söderström (Game Design, Level Design & Art)
Alexander Ebbesson (Project Manager & Sound Design)
Samantha Baqués Velásquez (Art, Photography & Social Media Manager)
Gunnlaugur Arnarson (Art, Music & Sound Design)
Emile Sohier (Code & Electronics)
Nicolas Basil Gerard (Code & Electronics)

Programs used: Unity 5, Monodevelop, Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop CC2018, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, GlueIt, Audacity, Reaper.