Fly or Die

The clock is ticking, the thrusters are burning and you know one thing; You don’t want to be near that bomb when it explodes! You and your three compadres put on your jet-packs and duke it out in a bomb fueled game of action, explosions and mayhem. This is Fly or Die.

You can download and play Fly or Die here.

Fly or Die is a hot potato game where 4 players are flying around with jetpacks, trying to get rid of the bomb before the time expires. It is a fast paced game where you can kick your enemies onto the bomb or use obstacles to get away from the person with the bomb.

Fly Or Die won Gamers’ Choice at the Swedish Game Awards 2013.

Jonatan Keil – Designer
Johan Wittrock – Producer
Maximilian Lund – Lead Artist
Inge Olaisen – Lead Programmer
Joar Hedvall – Programmer
Anders Hedstr̦m РArtist

Created using the SFML 2.0 library and Box2D for Windows.
Other tools: Photoshop CS6, Visual Studio 2010.