Hyperduct is a two player party game in a tunnel shaped tent. Step into a large tunnel and be immersed as the walls and ceiling become your playfield.

Use your hands to knock back balls and utilize the field to your advantage by raising defensive walls and activate cannons to blast your opponent away! Hit objectives and the opponents goal to push your color over the playfield, the first player to fully cover the field wins!

Fast paced and focused around movement Hyperduct is sure to pick up the pulse for everyone who is looking to satisfy their playful needs!

Hyperduct is developed with Unity 5 and modeled in Blender


  • Kim Ohlsson – Producer
  • Fredrik Bill – Lead Design
  • Leon Andersson – Lead Tech
  • Anders Taylor – Lead Artist
  • Johan Bernäng – Lead Sound
  • Rishi K S – Lead Programmer
  • Olof Wikmark – Programmer