it’s Raining Sloths

It’s Raining Sloths is a single player game which takes places in 3D environment. The game has a first person camera perspective with all of its focus on a tree that you as the main character, a Sloth, are climbing. The challenge of the game is to grab and safely carry sloth babies, that are falling from their nest, in order to return them to their parents.

The game and its alternative input are made to provide players with an intense tree climbing experience. Our input is a climbing mat, making players do physical exercise, much like climbing in order to simulate the ascension to the top of the tree.


  • Milana Kononkova – Product Owner ,
  • Marina Kostrova – Gameplay and UI Programmer,
  • Isak Forsberg – Gameplay and Debug Programmer,
  • Sini Tang – Scrum Master,
  • Liam Forsberg – Brand Manager and Arcade-Booth Director,
  • Lukas Larsson – 3D Artist, 2D Animator and Art Director,
  • Jarl Erik Wilhelm Andrén – 3D Artist and 3D Animator

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