Marshmallow Bonfire

A game which is meant to motivate people to get over differences and just support each other with their strengths. A dragon and a raccoon use their similarities and their differences to achieve goals they could never reach alone. They drag each other across ground, they cannot walk on. They throw each other on places, they could not reach alone. But most importantly, the raccoon uses his marshmallow collection to create newly reachable paths and the dragon uses his fire to open up paths.

This game got created with Unity, Visual Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, glue, knives and effort!


  • Ruta Sapokaite – Programmer and Marketing Designer
  • David Nau├čed – Scrum Master, Programmer and Marketing Designer
  • Urszula Wasik – Art Director and Game Controls Designer
  • Devon Jokic – Graphics Designer and Film Editor
  • Hampus Paulsen Hansen – Particle Effect Artist and Level Designer
  • Linus de Witt – Social Media and Project Manager
  • Momin Miah Chowdhury – Game Controls Designer and Project Manager
  • Yuhui Gan – Animation Artist and Project Manager