Penguins, snowball cannons and a massive ego. This is an arcade game where penguins defeat each other with big fancy cannons in a competitive showdown.

A penguin with a snow cannon represents the player inside the game world. Each player starts with a certain amount of ammunition in their cannon and starts shooting at each other while dodging the other players’ shots. When a player presses the shoot button on the cannon input, a snowball is also fired in the game. To aim where you shoot the snowball, the player must rotate their physical cannon. The ammunition can be reloaded by putting “snowballs” through a tube. When a player runs out of ammunition, they then make the decision to either run to the “snowball” basket for more ammunition and risk getting hit by the enemy or wait until the enemy is out of ammunition themselves and then run to reload.

The game also adds an extra challenge by having randomly spawning covers. The first player to deplete the others health points wins. Some of the more interesting tools we have used include lasers and sensors in order to make the in-game reloading by putting the balls through the tube.


  • Adam Berghäll – Project manager (SCRUM Master)
  • Daria Dragana Paunchici – Project manager
  • Marika Elisabeth Ohlsson – Game Designer (Product Owner)
  • Fredrik Hansen Azzopardi – Programmer
  • Andreas Hansen – Game Designer

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