Penguin Mountain Madness

In Penguin Mountain Madness you play as two penguins, racing for a large pile of fish at the bottom of a mountain. The two players will have to traverse harsh environments to see who will be the first one to the bottom and who will win that pile of fish.

Penguin Mountain Madness on <a href="">the Gotland Game Conference 2018</a> show floor.
Penguin Mountain Madness on the Gotland Game Conference 2018 show floor.

Mija Causey – scrum master / project manager,
Tomas Savela – lead designer / product owner,
Josefine Bjurstr̦m Рprogrammer,
Sophie Ahlberg – programmer,
Carl Leong – graphics,
Emma Jelving Eklund – graphics,
Yinsong Hong – graphics
Penguin Mountain Madness is a casual, two-person, forty-five degrees from behind game created in Unity using Visual Studio for the code and Photoshop for the art.