Flop the Shark

Flop the Shark is a top-down racing game made in the Unity engine in which you control a shark of your choice with a motion controller attached to a floppy rubber handle. The players steer the sharks left and right to choose an angle, and shake to flop in that direction. The player’s goal is to collect as much food as possible and return to the ocean before their friends to win!

Flop the Shark on <a href="http://gotlandgameconference.com/2018/">the Gotland Game Conference 2018</a> show floor.
Flop the Shark on the Gotland Game Conference 2018 show floor.

Mateusz SieradziƄski – Scrum Master & Artist,
Amanda Cohen – Product owner & Artist,
Kaspar Furst – Artist,
Axel Halen – Designer,
Karl Poll – Programmer