In Prosopon, the player takes control of an actor in ancient greece that has forgotten their lines. The player must determine the mood of the scene by watching the other actors, the decorations on the stage and the audience and then act out the right mood to satisfy the audience. At their disposal, the player has a Kinect camera and three physical masks which acts as input.

Determine the mood, pick a mask representing that mood and strike a pose for the audience!

Prosopon was built in Unity with graphical assets made mainly in Photoshop. Although the game is made for the PC, the unique input prevents it from being distributed on that platform commercially.


  • Tom von Sydow – Producer
  • Sigrid Svederoth – Lead Design
  • Axel Palmqvist Gillman – Lead Tech
  • Stefan Ekdahl – Lead Programmer
  • Erik Starander – Lead Art
  • Lisa Ramel – Artist