Harness the power of technology in this 4-player side scrolling racing game!

Absorb energy from the material you’re stepping on with your Special Shoes, they allow you to Jump, Rocket Slide and Wall Jump through the branching obstacle race course. Be the first player to reach the goal!

Utilizing an intuitive Flick Mechanic, the direction you flick the joystick directly translates to an in-game action: Flick Up to Jump; Down to Rocket Slide; Left and Right to Wall Jump. Your character starts out running with no signs of stopping, so make sure you maneuver around obstacles as efficiently as possible!

Branching pathways mean you’ll have to plan your route to obtain the highest speed – the higher up you are, the faster you run! But be careful, the higher paths are more difficult to run through. If you’re good enough to stay on top, you’ll be rushing past your rivals in no time!


  • Felicia Karlson Fredlund – Producer, Lead Programmer
  • Jean Manco – Lead Designer, Artist
  • Elias Abj√∂rner – Lead Artist
  • Simon Andersson – Artist
  • Daniel Nilsson – Sound Designer, Programmer
  • Andreas Jansson – Programmer

Made with Visual Studio and XNA