Society of Mages

Have you ever wanted to push out someone in your high school class through the window of a wizard tower? At the Society of Mages, the teacher leaves the room and hell breaks loose. This is a 4-player versus where you build your own way on the go. Your goal is to push out your class mates from the tower as many times as possible before the teacher gets back.


  • Jens Berglind – Producer, Programmer
  • Kevin Berglund – Lead Programmer
  • Therese Pierrau – Lead Art
  • Pontus Fredriksson – Lead Game Design, Lead Audio, 3D Art
  • Emma Matson – 2D Art
  • Fredrik Borgman – Ass. 2D Art, Ass. Audio

We have built the game in Visual Studio, with XNA. The graphics is done in Photoshop, and the audio is made in Reason.