Sumoctopus is a top down 2D sumo wrestling game, with octopuses. The goal is to push the opponent out of the arena, using your tackle attack and ink blowing abilities! Battle your friend and prove your dominance on different dynamic arenas.

Your controls are two joysticks with buttons on top, that you use to heave yourself forward with. As well as a microphone that you will need to blow into to sploosh ink that will help you turn the tides of battle!

Softwares used: Unity, ELIAS Software, Photoshop, Illustrator.


  • Anton Nordling: Producer
  • Anton Olin: Lead Game Design
  • Philip Olsson: Lead programmer
  • Linus Bjernhagen: Programmer
  • Filip Zachrisson Hansen: Lead art
  • Jonatan Ersarp: Lead Tech