Secrets of Grindea

Three of our students – Fred Ström, Teddy Sjöström and Vilya Svensson – earned some publicity (and a lot of praise) from their spare time project Secrets of Grindea. It got picked up last week from their devlog over at tigsource. Both and wrote about them. Here’s a quote from IndieGames:

Oh, hello there! What’s this? Old-school RPG aesthetics? Zelda-esque gameplay? A deeply complex character customization system with no level caps? Support for four player co-operative play? Say no more. Where do I sign up? Secrets of Grindea is an upcoming action-RPG with big promises, lush pixel art, an eye for detail and, all things taken into consideration, a surprisingly simple premise: became a famed Collector and acquire the most precious ‘rares’ in the kingdom.

It looks like Secrets of Grindea is being helmed by a three-man team consisting of Fred Strom, Teddy Sjostrom and Vilya Svensson, all of whom were once previously involved in Trashtalk, a Swedish development studio located in Gotland.

So Fred, Teddy and Vilya – keep up the good work! Early Gameplay Footage of Secrets of Grindea Secrets of Grindea, more like secrets of unlocking my heart
YouTube: Secrets of Grindea – Sight Seeing in Startington