Alumni Days 2014

Brjann Sigurgeirsson driver spelstudion Image & Form och berättar om sin mångåriga erfarenhet som indieutvecklare. Föreläsningen ges på göteborgska.

Jens Berglind and Peter Stråhle talks about the development of Shelter 2:

Nicodemus Mattisson berättar om sina erfarenheter av att jobba som frilans och erfarenheter att ta hjälp av en agent för att söka jobb.

Alumnipanelen: en panel full med prominenta alumner som diskuterar sina erfarenheter och svarar på frågor från studenter. I år höll vi till i Studentbaren Rindi.

Alumni Days 2014 poster

10 December, Wednesday, E22
15.45 Nicodemus Mattisson – Freelance Concept Artist
17.00 Brjánn Sigurgeirsson – Image & Form
Albertina Sparrhult – Diversi

11 December, B27
16.00 Albertina Sparrhult – Diversi workshop / meetup

12 December, Friday, B51
13.00 Hans Svensson – Institutionen för Speldesign
13.30 Teddy Sjöström – Pixel Ferrets
14.45 Jens Berglind, Peter Stråhle – Might & Delight
16.00 Daniel Gustafsson – Calm Island

13 December, Saturday, B51
13.00 Rabi Afram – NetEnt
14.15 Malin Lövenberg – A Sweet Studio
15.30 Anders Ekermo – Blizzard Entertainment
20.00 Alumni panel & Party (at Rindi)

Lara Tompa (Pixolar): Event Photography Workshop

Lara Tompa is a freelance photographer and entrepreneur who left a successful career in accounting to follow her passion. Since founding Pixolar Photography in Amsterdam she’s covered chaotic events in extreme conditions and seen more of the world than she’d have thought possible, trading her photography for access, travel and living. Unique experiences and time in the sun, rather than purely monetary gain.

Eva is coming to Campus Gotland for a one day workshop on Event Photography (and a bit of creative entrepreneurship), to help the GAME students self-document their work during the Gotland Game Conference.

She follows this up with a half day – online – of post production and feedback on the documentation after the event.

  • Documentation and Marketing for Creative Startups, Workshop, Tues. 27th 10:00-16:00, D20
  • Evaluation & Post Production Workshop, Mon 2nd june, 10:00-12:00, D31 + online

For questions, contact Ulf Benjaminsson.

Pixolar web

Martine Pederson on Systems in Social Work

Martine during her lecture

Games are carefully designed, learner-driven systems.
Games produce meaning.
Games are dynamic systems.
Games are immersive.
Games are interactive and dynamic, requiring a player’s participation.”

This is taken from the Institute of Play’s report “Quest to Learn” However, this definition is true of many things – other than games. Social work being one of them.

Martine Pedersen is a social worker with thirteen years experience, and a start up “Indspark”, under her belt. She has worked with with many age groups, and dealt with a number of issues, including drug abuse, anti-social behaviour and, family support.

Early on she saw that behaviour couldn’t be looked at in isolation; that many things contributed to a person’s life situation.

The more she talked about how she saw Social Work, and the methods she uses with her clients, the more we heard applied game design, and knew we had to have her.

Her presentation was advanced game design, applied systems design, and great social work and an absolute asset to the course.