GGC 2013, photos and more!

Marcus Ingvarsson: A winner is you!

We’re particularly proud of this year’s GGC.

Not only did we cover the very important issue of gender inequality in the industry, with a view on solutions, we also delivered such high quality student games, we’re sure to clean up at the Swedish Game Awards.

To try and summarise the presentations would require a post that is very tl;dr. So why not move over to our YouTube Channel and watch them all. You should do them in order, because the level of information was scaffolded, each talk building on what had come before.

We want to thank everyone for pulling this together – the speakers especially.

But, we all know what you’re here for. The pictures. So here they are.

Why not look at them while watching the presentations?

The Games Exhibition


Conference Presentations

Sheri Graner Ray

Awards Ceremony




All photos courtesy of Mats Ek, used with permission.


WarpSeed is a forced side-scrolling shoot ’em up with exploration elements.

Take control of the WarpSeed and warp freely between levels at will. Travel through levels and consume enemy Core Units for new Weapons and Extensions to unlock the the Gates that halt your progression.

Battle your way through the OnePower Empire’s forces, defeat the commanding ForceKings, and warp to save the world.

Jonas Lewis – Game Design and Art
Sayo Nariño – Programming

Fly or Die

The clock is ticking, the thrusters are burning and you know one thing; You don’t want to be near that bomb when it explodes! You and your three compadres put on your jetpacks and duke it out in a bomb fueled game of action, explosions and mayhem. This is Fly or Die.

Fly or Die at the GGC 2013

Fly or Die is a hot potato game where 4 players are flying around with jetpacks, trying to get rid of the bomb before the time expires. It is a fast paced game where you can kick your enemies onto the bomb or use obstacles to get away from the person with the bomb.

Fly Or Die won Gamers’ Choice at the Swedish Game Awards 2013.

Fly or Die at Gamex 2013
Fly or Die at Gamex 2013
Fly or Die at Gamex 2013
Fly or Die at Gamex 2013

Jonatan Keil – Designer
Johan Wittrock – Producer
Maximilian Lund – Lead Artist
Inge Olaisen – Lead Programmer
Joar Hedvall – Programmer
Anders Hedström – Artist

Created using the SFML 2.0 library and Box2D for Windows.
Other tools: Photoshop CS6, Visual Studio 2010.