Temple of Light

A first person, 3D puzzle game where the player arrange mirrors to channel light to a target, while aavoiding environmental hazards like traps, moving platforms and bottomless pits.

First person puzzle game where the player uses light and reflective mirrors to complete the puzzles.

Unreal Engine 4, 3ds Max, Blender, Photoshop, Visual Studios, Motionbuilder, Xnormal, Zbrush, Crazybump. Audiocity, Adobe Audition, Adobe AfterEffects

Charlie Claesson – Producer/3D Artist
Joakim Mäklin – Lead Artist/Lead Designer
Joar Hedvall – Lead/Solo Programmer
Simon Säfström – Level Designer
Sebastian Lindblad – 3D Artist
Tobias Carlsson – 2D Artist


Crest is available on Steam!

A god game where you write commandments for your people and observe how they interpret them. Follow the history of your people from your view in the skies and guide them towards whatever ideal you have in mind for them.

Take the role of a god and write your own commandments for your people.

Consequences of your actions may not always be clear and you have to be aware of the ever-changing environment and your people’s disposition, including their disposition towards you.

Do a lousy job, and your people may even interpret your commandments in their own ways!

There’s no right or wrong, just many paths which to choose from. Paths that lead to another history for your people and more ways of expressing yourself through your people and the world they shape.

Platform: Windows
Tools: Unity, Blender, Photoshop, SVN

A Knight’s Flail

A Knight’s Flail is a chaotic jousting game where the player moves using a coconut to mimic the sound of a horse. Once going, they then impale things.

With a lance.

A Knight’s Flail is a jousting game where you move your horse by banging two coconut halves together while aiming a lance using the Kinect.

The goal is to get the highest score.

The game is 3D and the models are created in 3ds Max and Blender while the game is developed in Unity.

Sebastian Rosenblad – Producer
William Nordin – Lead Designer
Viktor Nilsson – Lead Programmer and Lead Tech
Valdemar Ribbing – Lead Artist
Rebecka Nyström – 2D Art
Max Nordlund – 3D Art


Be the Bear

Be The Bear lets you experience life as a Grizzly bear in its natural habitat.

Witness beautiful landscapes in search for your next meal, while experience adrenaline filled fights with wolves, and other bears, in an never ending struggle to survive.

Be the Bear is a first-person bear simulator with its focus on immersion – a free roaming exploration game where you move through the wilderness in search of food fighting off other animals and starvation.

Be the Bear is developed in Unity3D and uses an Xbox 360 controller as input device.

Tom Hedberg – Producer/Lead Designer
Linus Johansson – Lead Programmer
Jesper Leveau – Programmer
Gustaf Nerström – Lead Graphical artist/3D Art
Johan Hjern – Animator
Oskar Lilja – Environmental Artist

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