Closing in on Gotland Game Conference

The entire university is buzzing with energy. Everyone knows we’re just a few days away from the GGC. These are the best weeks of any big project; when all ideas and plans are rapidly falling in to place like a good game of Tetris. Here’s some photos from the run up to our most important event yet!

New events require new stuff. Start with getting rid of the old! Throwing out old, heavy, ugly arcade cabinets is very therapeutic… 🙂

Then, build some new hotness:

The animation students are hard at work too:

Speaking of animation students, check out the sign they created for the Cinema-portion of GGC:

And here it is, printed and cut-out:

These are all characters from the animation projects this year. Brilliant, ne? I look forward to seeing that beast in place at the GGC. 🙂


Umbra is the first chapter of a adventure game that is told like a classic fairy tale-book.

The player takes the role of Nili in her everyday life, living in a deep forest. The player’s choices to solve the everyday problems shape the experience. A stranger suddenly comes from nowhere and bring relevations that will change Nilis life forever.

Umbra is a 2D point & click flash-game that is easily accessed on the internet and played using only the mouse.

Daniel Andersson – Producer, Programmer
Anna Holmgren – Graphical Artist
Rickard Thorslund – Sound

The Crazy Race

The Crazy Race is a 2D side-scrolling racing game that supports up to four players at once. As you don’t have to be all players, the remaining spots will be filled by Artificial Intelligence controlled vehicles. To guidance there will be springs and other mystical objects on the maps, to create a more fun environment.

The game is developed using the XNA framework.
Mattias Edlund – Producer & Lead Programmer
Linus Johansson – Lead Artist
Björn Karlsson – Lead Designer
Malin Tärnrot – 2D Artist
Olov Jung – 2D Artist
Viktor Bergman – Programmer