Introduction to game development (2004)

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Introduction to Game Development is a crash course attended by all first year students in the autumn. It’s true shock-treatment and touches briefly on all issues of game development: simple engine building, 2D physics, implementing game logic, drawing sprites, animating characters, getting content from the artists in the game, synchronizing visual style through the use of mood boards, creating task lists, artefact lists, usability, common project related problems, common cooperation problems and how to get several people to all contribute to a single solution, a final goal.

The games themselves range from basic Breakout and Pong-clones, to simple toys like Bomb & Rabbit to truly original designs like Petal Pusher or Holysm. But most importantly: what is picked up from this one important course is generally applicable to all projects throughout your time at GAME.

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Promqueen is a satirical life simulator letting you be a girl in her late teens. To succeed, you must experience an everyday life where managing relations, keeping boyfriends at bay, sneaking in through the window and climbing the social ladders are important matters. The goal of the game is to become Promqueen, but it is a long hard road getting there…

The game was nominated for “Best E-content” at the World Summit Awards 2005, and won “Best Game Idea” at the Swedish Game Awards that same year (team profile).

It got picked up by commercial interests and saw a limited release. Old old old as it may be is still online, and there’s even a dead and buried development diary from the teams’ second year with the project. 🙂

The students creating this game later went on to form Digital Agitation.

Promqueen Research Poster

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Invasion Gotland

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Welcome to Sweden, Gotland and war, in a fictional 1977. Invasion Gotland is a mod for Battlefield Vietnamn. did a write-up on Invasion Gotland back in 2004, and posted quite a lot of content.

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Bishop´s Pawn

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Bishop´s Pawn is a point & click murder mystery, created by second year students in 2004.


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Penumbra is a first person psychological horror game which focuses on story, immersion and puzzles. The team and the tech demo (Unbirth) they created here at HGO led on to the creation of Frictional Games and the release of Penumbra: Overture.