Updated brochure for 2020

It was time to update our two-fold brochure, to incorporate information about the Master programme, our new Games & Society Lab, and general nips-and-tucks. Here’s how the folder looks in practice:

We also took the opportunity to update the front art with student games from the previous year. We kept the 2018 one (Bolt & Bobby) but added Sunset Mystery (2019) and Strig & Kabu (2019).

And here’s the updated insert:

We also needed new t-shirts since the previous design was a giant flop (big print over the chest made it act and feel like wearing a bib). We kept it clean and simple:

We had some ideas for a more ambitious design refresh, but we need all of this stuff before March when GDC and all other things happen so we let that plan slide for now. 🙂