Nakajima Labs moving to GAME!

Professor Masayuki Nakajima and his famous Nakajima Labs moves from Tokyo Institute of Technology to Gotland University GAME! Nakajima Labs has been doing bleeding edge research and development in convergent media at Tokyo Tech since 1975, and they will be fully established at our campus by March 2011.

Prof. Nakajima has run several international research teams, published 20 books and more than 250 scientific papers with a focus on Artificiell Intelligence (AI), augmented reality and virtual worlds. One of his goals for the new lab at Gotland University is to continue working on his “Autonomous Agent System: K4”.

K4 is a unique AI that understands both speech and body language. With a simple microphone and video camera, K4 allows you to communicate with a computer just as if it were another human being. With our advanced Motion Capture studio, GAME provides an opportunity for Nakajima Labs to improve the AI’s own body language – giving the artificial person an even more human expression by utilizing natural motion as a part of its communication.

One of the first projects for the team will probably be to translate the Japanese language engine to English. 🙂

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