Sjoerd De Jong from Teotl Studios

Teotl Studios (formely known as Toltec Studios) is a young game development studio located in central Sweden, currently in its final stages of production on its debut game, The Ball.

Sjoerd De Jong – lead designer and developer of The Ball, and founder of Teotl Studios – is coming here this week for two reasons: first to give you guys feedback on the levels you’ve produced since his last visit, and second; to give two lectures.

Thursday, 22nd April (10:00 – 17:00, E31)

  • Feedback from Sjoerd

Friday, 23rd April
Lecture 1: The Ball (10.00-12.00, B51)

  • A look at an alpha build and introduction to the game and story
  • History of the project
  • How we work and organize ourselves
  • Efficient Design – Why a ball?
  • The concept and gameplay analyzed
  • The pacing and balance of the game.
  • The Art Style

Lecture 2: Working in the Games Industry (13.00-15.00, B51)

  • How I started and how I got to where I am today
  • Whats good about working in the games industry
  • Whats bad about working in the games industry – The problems
  • The challenges of the future and how the games industry is constantly evolving
  • Small companies compared to large companies
  • Freelancing
  • How to break into the industry and get hold of your first job.