Band of Brawlers

Band of Brawlers is a 3 vs 3 combat game, requiring teamwork and tactics in a king-of-the-hill scenario. On a colorful planet somwhere in space brawlers have started to gang up and are battling each other for control of an abandoned Tivoli. Gang up with your friends and see which team has the greatest cooperation and tactics while you try to take over and hold as many of the zones as possible. While fighting you’ll also get to experience an innovative combat interface that lets you perform attacks with the mouse.

Project Management: Natalia Mekras
Graphics: Ted Edin, Kalle Henningsson, Monica Kreitz, Tobias Källkvist, Daniel Ohlsson
Programming: Olof Ahlberg, Gunnar Carnbro, Peter Sjödin
Sound: Nicolas Leventorp