Colorless (2010)

Colorless is a short game revolving around eight specific levels with a focus on co-operation and the concept of closeness.

While players move around freely in the world, the camera pans out when the players are further away from eachother. The two main characters have different skill sets and they need to be combined in order to overcome obstacles and take care of enemies. Basic skills are running, jumping, kicking, sliding, opening doors and climbing. Leveldesign force the players to split up but, the only way to regenerate health is to stay close to eachother, the most effective way of recharging energy is by hugging!

Colorless was awarded “Best Serious Game” at Gotland Game Awards 2010.

– A romantic, multiplayer, 2D side-scrolling, co-operative, platformer game.
– Played on classic 8-Bit controllers ported to a PC.
– Black and white versus colored backdrops, 50-ies retro inspired.
– Dark humour with increadolous plot twists.

Albertinna Sparrhult – Producer
Niklas Åhs – Lead art / Lead designer
Pernilla Sparrhult – Art / Lead designer
Björn Bergren – Programmer
Mattias Bertilsson – Programmer / Assistant designer
Pontus Granström – Sound Effects
Mattias Lissmyr – Music Composer