Mastodon Metal Mayhem

Take control over a prehistoric monster, and destroy everything in your path with the help of your primal strength and toughness. In Mastodon Metal Mayhem, your goal is to wreck as much havoc as you can within the time limit. To give you that extra destructive power, pick up Gatling-guns, freeze rays and missiles. Get the highest scores, show who is the best at destruction. Refine your destruction in single player, or destroy the city with a friend in Multiplayer. Show them who’s the best at Mayhem. Wreck havoc!

The Game will challenge the players coordination-ability, giving the player challenges as avoiding obstacles in the course, either as redirecting the course, or shooting them down, depending on the obstacle.

The player will be able to collect schematics during the game, which will enable the player to make special upgrades to the mammoth. By collecting these, the player will have the ability to unlock hidden areas in the levels, which the player wouldn’t be able to access without said upgrades.


  • Rikard Dahlberg – Lead Game Designer / Artist
  • Gustaf Nerström – Lead Game Designer / Sound
  • Niclas Jorvid – Artist / Web
  • Christoffer Solgevik – Artist
  • Erik Rosenborg – Artist
  • Rickard Hagström –  Artist
  • Daniel Andersson – Producer / Programmer
  • Emund Sandelin – Lead Programmer
  • Elias Lundgren Kuosmonen – Programmer
  • Josefine Fahlström – Programmer