King of the Thrill

King of the Thrill is a 2D top down isometric local multiplayer brawler where you use your smartphone as input device. Instantly join and begin defeating opponents by accumulating countless power ups and achieving unstoppable combinations of abilities to claim your title as King of the Thrill! Bring your smart phone to join the game. No application or WiFi login needed, just scan a QR code and begin the fight!

Fight your way to power by finding power ups that enhance your basic stats and abilities that you can switch around to suit your play style. Build your momentum and become unstoppable! Win the match by hoisting your flag in the middle of the arena and defend your claim from other players to become the King of the Thrill!

King of the Thrill won Best Innovation at the Swedish Game Awards 2013 and exhibited with us at Gamex 2013.


  • Daniel Svensson – Lead designer
  • Frida Svensson – Producer, artist
  • Ylva Ljungqvist – Lead artist
  • Gabriel Wigren – Artist
  • Simon Wulf – Lead programmer
  • Rasmus Bj√∂rling – Programmer