Midnight is a real-time strategy game for three players. Each player plays as either the easy-going Rocks, the proud Papers or the wicked Scissors; miniscule creatures that crawl out of the shadows at night and face each other in an eternal battle.

It goes without saying that the papers live in constant fear of the scissors, which in turn are hunted by the rocks. This gives all the players a predatory/prey relationship towards each other, forcing them to use stealth, deception and ambushing to prevail. In short, Midnight is an RTS that focuses on stealth, exploring and mobility rather than numbers and micro-managing.

Midnight was awarded “Best Presentation” at Gotland Game Awards 2010. Tobias Andersen got an individual award for “Best Effort in Art”

Producer: Alex Karlsson
Design: Per Lingvall
Graphics: Alex Lusth, Niklas Hallin, Tobias Andersen,
Graphics: Ola Persson, Martin Paulsson, Erika A. Porath
Programmer: Johan Sköld
Trailer: Stina Boberg, Victor Öhman Holmberg
Website: www.luciddreams.se

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