Yomi’s Bubble Adventure

It is a puzzle game based on soap bubbles. Yomi is a character who has a bubble device, which they use to blow magical soap bubbles, which are used to help Yomi find their way through the world to help the different creatures that live there.

Yomi Concept Art


  • Jens “Tiny” Berglind – Producer, Programmer and Level Designer
  • Olof Wallentin – Lead Programmer
  • Anders Ekdahl – Programmer
  • Herman “Hedning” Rödström – Programmer
  • Pontus “Lillis” Fredriksson – Lead Designer, 3D Animator, 3D Artist, Level Designer and Audio Designer
  • Hannes “Huntas” Freiman – Lead Artist and Level Designer
  • Johanna Brate Sjögren – Artist
  • Alexandra Aasen – Artist
  • Daniel Råström – 3D Artist
  • Robin Powell – Lead Animator and 3D Artist