Bull-Dog is a two player game made in Unity, comical cat and mouse style played in an arena environment resembling a farm pasture.

One player uses a helmet with horns and a Wii-remote gyroscope on it to control the bull character by tilting their head in different directions. The other player controls the dog character using a cycle handlebar with a Wii-remote attached to its center for the gyroscope as well. To win the game the bull player has to hit the dog player once to knock him out of the fenced in area while the dog player has to dig up all bones in the arena to win. There is a time limit that results in a bull win if it’s reached.

Bull-Dog features different types of interactions in the arena like the bull being able to charge and knock down trees, the dog can jump over obstacles and such.


  • Johannes Sundström – Producer,
  • Thomas Härdin – Lead Design,
  • Anna Lindholm – Lead Art,
  • Stella Nyberg Brodda – Art,
  • Evelina Paulsson – Art,
  • Tobias Vestlund – Lead Programmer,
  • Kevin (Bihi) Johansson – Programmer.