In a post-apocalyptic world, two cleaning androids forgotten in a destroyed city, left behind still doing what they were meant to do… clean! But one is malfunctioning. Instead of using anti-radioactive detergent, it is using radioactive material! Two players assume the roles of each robot, and try to fill the area with their material within a time-box. The player with most material when the time expires, wins! The game uses as input a broom-stick that detects the movement of the player. Swing left or right to change direction, and brush back and forth to increase the speed of the player’s character.

CleanOut is a PC game, developed with Unity, Photoshop, and Visual Studio. The players will use broom-sticks as input.


  • Julia Iljina – 2D Artist & Animator,
  • Caroline Johansson – Technical Artist & Environment Artist,
  • Rim Lolo – Systems Coding & Gameplay Coding,
  • Johan Dahlstedt – Creative Designer & Gameplay Coding,
  • Alexandros Kokkinidis – Scrum Master & Systems Coding