Anchored is a survival-based real-time strategy game. Manage a settlement on a floating island anchored above a dangerous jungle. During the day you must lead a group of settlers down into the jungle to gather food and resources. Build defenses and prepare your settlement for the night, because you are not alone in the skies.

Anchored on the Gotland Game Conference 2016 showfloor.
Anchored on the Gotland Game Conference 2016 showfloor.
Anchored on the Gotland Game Conference 2016 showfloor.
Anchored on the Gotland Game Conference 2016 showfloor.

Anchor was awarded Best 2nd Year Project, the Cha-ching award (most commercially viable) and the Pwnage Award at the Gotland Game Conference 2016.

The Anchored team, holding up their awards; Best Second Year Project, Pwnage Award and Ca-Ching!

Marcus Litholm – Lead Game Designer
André Bengtsson – Lead Artist
Nisse Lindblom – 3D Artist
Semih Parlayan- Lead Programmer
Johan Holmér – Producer & Programmer
Johan Öhman – Sound & Programmer

The game is built in Unity 5 and modeled in Blender.


In a world of great wonders, a ranger is tricked by a scheming wizard to unleash a great danger. In order to undo her mistakes…

Tale is a third-person adventure game, on Multiple platforms, set in a fantastical land known as Abulin. With gameplay centered on exploration and navigation, Tale aims to tell the story of a young ranger as she unravels the plot of a devious magician. The game is developed in Unity. Assets are created in, Zbrush,3Dsmax,Speedtree,Motionbuilder,Logic pro, Visualstudio, sourcetree, Photoshop,Substance painter, 3Dcoat,Mixamo adobe, Bitmap2Material, Blender, Substance Designer.

Emil Christenson – Producer
David Crosson – Game design
Erik Starander – Environment artist
Gabriel Ajuwa – Programmer
Kim Gripenberg – Programmer
Lucas Chang – Lead Artist
Samuel Ehnberg – Lead Sound


Smackquarium is a 2D, platformer local multiplayer game. With its transparent screen Smackquarium allow the players to see each other while playing. The game also allows the players to pour real water into the aquarium (the game-setting), making the environment/ players be affected by the resulting virtual water steam.

Smackquarium on the Gotland Game Conference 2016 show floor
Smackquarium on the Gotland Game Conference 2016 show floor

In Smackquarium two players fight against each other located in an aquarium. They are both playing a turtle equipped with an over-sized hammer. Their goal is to be the fastest one to collect the growing flowers and return them to their homes. As the players successfully return the flowers, their houses begin to grow, making the environment change. With this, the players also compete to win their love of their life – the yellow turtle. The yellow turtle loves big houses!

With its easy-to-learn controls and an engaging monitor as well as inputs Smackquarium offers a pleasant experience for all players, new as well as experienced. With the opportunity to see through the transparent screens, the competition between the players becomes enhanced.

Lukas Graff – Producer
Måns Möller – Lead artist
Nils Folker – Tech
Martin Carlsson – Sound/ programmer
Fabian Lindin – Game designer

Squirrel Squabble

Squirrel Squabble is a 2D FFA brawler with 2-4 players, with the Wii fit balance board.

The map will continue on even if you are in screen or not, be careful so you won’t fall off and let the cat take you!

There are two ways to win the game; either you collect a certain amount of acorns or you be the last squirrel remaining.

– Unity
– Photoshop
– Aseprite
– WiiWalker
– Microsoft Visual Studios 2015

Jasmina Softic – Producer
Karoliina Hiidenheimo – Game Designer
Jari Melgén – Lead Artist
Christoffer Forsberg – Lead Tech & Lead Programming
Simon Glans – Lead Sound
Tim Rojo – Programmer