Front page news!

"Wants to crush the clichĂ©", frontpage of Gotlands Allehanda 2018-05-31Not only are we in the local newspaper – we are on the front page of the local newspaper. 🙂 Pick up a copy of Gotland Allehanda and read all about the conference and our game educations.

There are now 502 attendees registered. Get your own visitors ticket (pay what you want), and come play our games 5-6th of June, at Wisby Strand.

“Sharks and friend support in the student games”, Gotlands Allehanda 2018-05-31

Our students were on TV!

… and on the radio, and in the local papers. 🙂

As much as GGC is the university’s conference, it’s also the island’s. Every year we throw our doors open to the people of Gotland so they can see what we get up to. And, as part of this, we invite the local media to come and talk to our students.

We were graced with 3 reporters, and coverage of the conference and our, frankly, brilliant students.

We’re 7 days out, and are closing in on 500 attendees. Click any of the links and see how our teams are preparing and then grab yourself a ticket and come and see for yourself. It’s “pay what you want” and you can listen to some top class presentations, play some amazing games (and vote for them!), and stay for the award show and see if your favorite wins. Get your visitors pass here!

Swedish Radio: "Playful games to train both collaboration and body"
Swedish Radio: “Playful games to train both collaboration and body” (click to open link)
Swedish Television: "The students are preparing for the game exhibition"
Swedish Television: “The students are preparing for the game exhibition” (click to open link)

alt.ctrl.GDC 2018 coverage

As you might know, three of our student games just returned from the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. And, judging by the press, they were as well received there as they were here! We thought, let’s gather some of the love in one giant #notsohumblebrag-post. 🙂

Make: Magazine interviews 1st year student Eric Osana for Pump the Frog at 7:56.

Kotaku loved Totally Not a Game Studio’s “Grave Call“. It’s a fantastic 2-player game where one of the team has been buried alive, and the other is a police operator trying to find them. The best part? The buried player actually climbs into a coffin.

Scott Manly both tweeted and recorded video from the show floor:

His video cover a bunch of the games, including Grave Call at 3:31 and Yo! Bartender at 4:50

Anita Sarkeesian / Feminist Frequency also tried Grave Call (at 2:55):

Other outlets that wrote about our students and their games includes Polygon, The Verge, Tom’s Guide and Newsweek!

Of course, reading about these games is not the same as playing them! If you want to try our new games out (without having to travel to the US to do so), come meet us at this years Gotland Game Conference in June. There is a Pay What You Want-option to get full access to ~50 entirely new games, plus a series of unique presentations trying to uncovering the emotional potential of games. It’s also a great opportunity to meet our students and faculty, if you’re interesting in studying game design and development.

Find out more at the Gotland Game Conference website, and get your tickets here!

Polygon plays Yo! Bartender

screenshot from
Think you can actually bartend? This game simulates just how hard it is

Yo Bartender! uses Wiimotes and real bottles to simulate making drinks in a hurry

Dante Douglas over at Polygon met one of our student teams at the Game Developers Conference, and wrote a little piece about Yo! Bartender.

[…] The bottles arrayed around the play area are slightly weighted and use six Wiimotes (one inside each bottle) to register when they are turned upside down over the drink cup, adorned with lights picked up by the internal light sensors in the Wiimote. Hold a bottle upside down over the cup, and it “pours,” showing how much poured on the display. The system is simple but effective, making each “mixing” process into a game of trying to remember where you set down the rum bottle, or which button drops ice into the cup. […]

Read more over at!